Another Human

A Little Piece

Chapter 6

To Become Everything You Are Not


16 March 2017
İstanbul / Turkey


Time: 02:28

İf we put the abstract concepts to a side, only proof of our existence is our body in the world we physically live in. Being existed without our body is a theorem which is not proven yet. From birth our body is unique and instinctive. When the body starts to developed in time, it is becoming something else then already it is with the help of outer datas in several phases.

İf we sample this simply; a child’s movement form starts to change with copying the family first, continues with copying the teachers, what she/he saw on internet, with friends, with society. Day by day copying the others creates changes in child’s movement form and child becomes what she/he copied. Of course, this situation happens to be unconscious and inevitable.

This changing in body language, transform us into what we are not. For a long time, philosophers thought and said as living beings needs to change to adapt the life. This idea can be accepted indeed and yet transforming into another form of movement either conscious or unconscious makes a difference in technical sides. With the outer dates (unconscious) unique body transform to inevitable body, with the choices (conscious) inevitable body transform to educated body. İf we sample all these ideas simply;

Think of an empty glass and imagine this is our body. Let’s say the unique body, how we born (as a movement form) is the empty glass. Let’s say inevitable body is water. While we live, we copy others and unique body transforms into inevitable body and inevitable body takes the empty place. Now, the glass have water in it. With the choices we make inevitable body transforms into educated body. And let’s call sugar to the educated body. What if we put some sugar to our water glass in everyday of our lives, after sometime what will glass contains? Water, or Sugar?

This transforming into movement types situation is taking a different place in context of Yoga with a little distinction. Yoga goes along with intention of becoming everything we are not and that is why Yoga is different then the other movement types. İntention of becoming sugar without even starting to practice…

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Eylül Tuğçe Orhan


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