Who Am I?

At the beginning...

Once upon a time, there was a rooftop covered with vine leafs. İf you look at the sky you could see the sunshine and clouds between the leafs. Two little swings were hung up on the roof without harming the leafs, along with a big carpet on the ground.

Across the road, you could see the biggest graveyard in the city and you could always hear the sound of the stream, it was just right next to the rooftop.

There were two little girls and this rooftop was meant to them. They had many toys to play, swings to swing and yet they favourite game was imagining. Moving with the wind like if they are creating and diverting it, watching the stream and thinking to swim in it. 

One of the girls fall in love with the move and the other one with draw what she saw. The girl who falls in love with the move was me. And that is how everything started for me...


Over the passing years, I did many types of movement and my conclusion was nothing but this.

I believe a human being can not be one thing. Our existence does not come from one thing. We are multiple creatures like everything else in the universe.

Therefore I do not believe spending our lives in just one job or profession to become an expert on it. Even in one object neither theoretically and practically possible to know and do everything about it.

That is why I do not dance, I do not practice yoga, I do not use contrology system only and yet I do all of them. And ı will do more. If I am to spend my lifetime on something it will be movement itself. Any form, any type.



Educational Background

Born in October 1992.

As movement forms; first educations started with Classical Russian Ballet, continued about 12 years. Meanwhile, learned social folk dances such as latin origin ones. Around 2006 with the rising Hiphop culture in the country, did street dances as well.

Between 2009-2011 took first certifications on ballet profession from İKSEV and started contemporary jazz dance. İn 2011 won the Modern Dance Program in Yıldız Teknik University and graduated at 2016. During University learned Contrology as well. Later on, completed the Teachers Training Program in Om Yoga Center on Hatha Yoga.

Works | As a Choreographer

Red & Dark Blue | 2014

Fierce | 2014

Cut Piece | 2015

Red Shoes | 2016

İn The Name of Slang:“Crooked One” | 2017