Contemporary Dance


Towards To Stage








Old days,
Old gone.
A Chevrolete may…
Come along ##

Look up
See none
Redeem fierce
Redeem one


Made for the memories of dead ones. Ones. Composed and Captured as a Video Dance Project | July 2014.

Choreographer&Performer: Eylül Tuğçe Orhan
Takes: 02:41




Red Shoes


…İn life, our significances are beautiful as much as the things we can not significance.
Take a deep breath in and out. I’m right here, just where I am…




“This project; remarks the choreographer’s gratitude feeling about taking the dancing act as a lifetime choice.”


Graduation Project




Choreography&Performance: Eylül Tuğçe Orhan
Video Making&Editing: Eylül Tuğçe Orhan
Takes: 9 min.


Performed in MekanArtı Stage.





İn The Name of Slang:“Crooked One”



A pair of gloves, a piece of gum and tell me ma’m;  How would you like to get your…




…eeny meeny miny mo

how to be a phenomeno’

if ı like4like

will you become my tiny whore?



“Choreographer has suppressed her feelings so much during this period of her life that she can not even feel that she is a woman anymore. To get rid of this sentiment, she decides to use each other absurd ideas given by the people around her, at any cost, until the end.”



Choreography&Performance: Eylül Tuğçe Orhan
Performance Language: English
Takes: 12 min.


Performed in Genç Koreograflar 07 Event at Çıplak Ayaklar.




After Working on So Many Forms of Dance, Why Contemporary?


Defining and giving a tag to contemporary dance nearly impossible. İt is indefinite. Not Solid, nor liquid, nor gas. Could be anything. As space, as energy, as time…


As a start I have to say this;

I believe, none of the movement forms are superior than another. Almost all of them have an ethnic origins and cultures. They all have long pasts behind them. Reasons to exist and continuation to be so.

But, when you are limited with specific steps and strict shapes, understanding all of the body and movement becomes limited too. At this point, contemporary dance gives you the freedom that you need.

Contemporary dance does not have a formwork. İt does not have specific moves or steps. İt does not required one body type or a needed behavior. What is required is what you are and who you are. İn the end, it becomes what and who you are with what you put it on to the stage. 

Yes, there are lots of techniques in contemporary dance. Yes, you have to work for them like in every other dance types. But unlike the other types, in contemporary dance these techniques exist for developing the understanding and possibility of movement and body.

Most of the people consider, I do contemporary dance and I don’t do other types anymore. Well, I believe onces you understand the body and how the movement works, types are cloaks to put on. I love all the cloaks yet, when I say “I dance.” I define the dance part as contemporary. Not as a type, as a way to understand the body and movement completely. And that is exactly why contemporary…

With hope,

Eylül Tuğçe Orhan