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Unlike the others contrology is a system, not a discipline. Very cleverly designed one. Many thanks to Joseph Hubertus Pilates for this. You can achieve many things with this system. Especially, if you know anatomy and kinesiology along with it.


Why it is so important to know? Can’t we just do it?

İn order to use this system properly we have to know our materials, by mean this; what we work with. Which is our body. Our body comes from a very different elements and many different working ways. Therefore to be able to understand all of it we need at least basic anatomy knowledge.

Nowadays, pilates seems very common and popular way of a doing sport. And yet that is not how it works. Without knowledge of anatomy people may harm themselves. As an example; let’s say we have a body and this body had fractures on coccxy in the past. After years this body may seem sit on pelvis and might feel comfortable and yet that does not mean this body should use ‘teaser’ (see in first picture) position to work abs or to work balance.

So, applying movements or poses without knowledge can cause problems, instead of well being. Maybe one or two sessions without knowledge may not seem harming much but in time repeating the moves body should not do, can turn into major problems or it can create other serious damages.

With the anatomy and kinesiology we can prevent such possibilities. That is the proper way to use it but you can have more from this system. Only, if you use wisely…


How I Work

Along with knowledge of our material, we need smart steps to complete this system. Let’s say you are using it for your own body or you are instructing for someone. Of course as an instructor you should be more careful and well trained because you can always feel your own body when you are working therefore you can know where to stop or move but when you instruct you don’t feel it therefore you have to be more qualified.

Yet, either way the key is the fallowing the right steps. İf you do your schedule based on anatomy knowledge and yet if you are not doing with the right steps, your working results can take more long time then it should take or you can miss some points needs to be developed. 

Joseph named this system as ‘Contrology’ for a reason. The major reason was the understand. Understand the body and mind. When you need to solve a puzzle you need to understand the pieces. What are the shapes, indents and protrusions, colors and tones, what is it the place and outer determinations, how they fit together, how they become one and how much time it takes to become one. And most importantly your inner eyes, do they see all and your brain is it aware of what you are doing, when you are doing it?

So, as a system Contrology maintain many things. İf you use it properly and wisely to put the pieces together then it is really works without any roughness. And that is how I work. Solve the puzzles properly, with the right steps.

İf you are interested in knowing the step substances contact me. ‘Till then stay happy and healthy!


My Education | Contrology

As a part of my contemporary dance education during the University, I had a long term learning on Contrology.
İf you had a chance to read the history of pilates, you know it has been taken very seriously by the professional modern dancers, such as Ron Fletcher, Bruce King, Eve Gentry, Jay Grimes and many more…
They were called pilates elders. Thanks to them, I started to interest with contrology system. Between 2013 – 2016 I had a chance to take many courses, also I attended to the workshops on different variations and applications we use in contrology.

Experience as an İnstructor

•  2015 – 17

Contrology Classes in Studios | in Home Studio