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As a movement enthusiast;

I need to fully control the body, which is why my search has lead me to the Contrology. İn my mind, I started with this questions; 

How can I understand something I do not know? How can I redirect something I do not understand? How could I possibly do what I wish without these two elements?…

After long term practiced processes I came to the conclusion that being able to control the body fully, necessitates more than practicing the method. What it needs is different levels of perspicacity.

To accomplish this necessitates to know our materials and elements. This goes through with the knowledge of anatomy, kinesiology and a perspective on how to transfer this knowledge into movement.

Until The Last Piece Of It

In order to do so;

After taking many detailed educations on human anatomy & kinesiology, I had a chance to take a part in a teachers training program with the role as anatomy assistant.

Additionally, for five months I did a research with my volunteered Contrology students about body varieties, feasibility, maintaining the brain domination on the body, capability of understanding the movement and proper alignments of human body.

Finally, I trained my two assistant through the way of becoming Contrology Instructor.

Exceptional Talent

Pilates is gaining the mastery of your mind over the complete control over your body.

Joseph Hubertus Pilates