Hatha Yoga

Point of View


Practicing yoga is like an individual research facility. For seeing the details and examine the tiny fabrics. I call mine ‘my chamber’. Whenever I need to see what’s in deep, I enter it.

How the breath carries the body, like an ocean carries the ship? How joints follow each others like domino stones? How the mind could be lucid and remain so?

It’s like building an endless structure. İf you take out a one stone all structure could collapse and that is where the patience comes in. It is nearly a perfect chamber. A chamber only for you, made by you and because of you. Yet as a belief, there is no you.

Quite interesting, Quite peculiar.



Occupational Approach

During my 9 month education on Hatha Yoga, I have read relevant history and philosophy. After university, along with this education my pen became more strong. I started to taking the writing act more serious and more ambitious. Therefore in the end of my yoga education I presented an essay as thesis.




An Essay;

Başka Bir İnsan | Another Human

Another Human shaped from author’s ideas about ‘becoming’ and ‘paradoxes of death’ in context of Yoga.

İf you would like to take a look, a little piece from Another Human;

Chapter 6: “To Become Everything You Are Not”



Experience as an İnstructor

•  2017 – 2018

 Hatha&Vinyasa Yoga Classes in Yoga Centers | in Open Parks